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Tensor 1400 Series

Tensor 1400 Series
Tensor 1400 Series
Tensor 1400 Series
Tensor 1400 Series
Tensor 1400 Series
Machinery Type Coldset Press - Single Width
PT Ref 697
Manufacturer Tensor
Model 1400 Series
Cut-off 560mm / 22 inch
Web width 35"
Age 2001 (and 2006)
Specification -
Press can be sold complete, or in sections:

6 x Jardis FS-5036 50 splicers with integrated hoist and lift bars and air shafts
3 x 2-web right angle bars with blowers
3 x Rudder infeeds on right angle bars

6 x Tensor 1400 4-hi printing towers, each with:
Slot Plates and Reel Rod blankets (narrow gap)
CC1 closed loop registration (auto register) motorization with two cameras for each four color web
EPG automatic inking system with pre-sets and two consoles
Automatic ink levelers
Spiral brush dampening
Full-page motorized compensator
Bustle wheels and fan-out roller

1 x Prime UV systems (1998)

2 x Tensor H50 half and quarter page folders each with air former boards, cross-head perforation, softener and under folder web leads
1 x upper former on folder A with air former board
1 x Cary 3-web ribbon deck over folder B for 32 page tabloid

1 x Baldwin Automix
1 x fountain solution circulator with chiller
4 x 150HP ABB controllers with Four (4) 150HP drive motors with blowers
2 x main operating consoles
2 x STI compensating stackers model STIC-2500
All associated spare parts, manuals, mechanical and electrical drawings and press tools

Important Features of this Press:

:: Cut-off Savings
22" vs. 22.75" is 3 .3% percent savings on whatever web width you are running. Depending on exact image size, a tabloid product may have to narrow the columns slightly. Often extra image area can be found in page gutters.

:: Jardis Zero-Speed Splicers
Compared to manual integrated roll stands, running waste savings is around 3.5% depending on basis weight you are running and how many copies you waste on pull up after roll change. There is probably another 1% or so in eliminating butt roll handling and re-winding.

:: Rudder lnfeeds
On process color work, the Rudder lnfeeds keep the web tension constant, which dramatically helps register quality and therefore eliminates waste of at least another 1% to 2%.

:: CC1 Automatic Registration System
Each tower has motorized sidelay and circumferential registration. With the use of cameras mounted at the top, full process color can be registered automatically thereby providing a "closed loop" system. This system will reduce the man power needed to operate the six tower press as well as save up to 3% on paper waste.

:: EPG Automatic Inking System
With automatic ink adjusting from the console with pre-set ink controls, this also will reduce manpower and reduce waste. The system is able to "learn" certain print jobs to more accurately pre-set ink each time.

:: Automatic Ink Levelers
These eliminate the need for press operators to fill the ink fountains. On a tower press, it is a great labour saving device.

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